14. 3. 2018 Obvestila, Vabila

Dan evropske državljanske pobude 2018: Delajmo skupaj



Following the new European Commission proposal of September 2017, the European citizens’ initiative has new wind in its sails. It now faces a lot of changes, many of which may greatly simplify administrative and organizational burdens. These changes will soon be discussed in the three-way consultations between the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council.

Join the ECI DAY 2018 to seize this important moment for the ECI mechanism and:

    • to hear what is planned by the three legislators: the European Commission represented by First Vice-President of the European CommissionFrans Timmermans,the European Parliament represented by the general rapporteur György Schöpflin and the Council represented by Trio Ministers and State Secretaries from Estonia, Bulgaria and Austria.
    • to discuss what visibility and impact is needed to allow the ECI reach its full potential – we will hear from Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly, from the representatives of the successful ECIs and from civil society organisations.

We will also offer the participants a closer look at the following ECI-related subjects:

  • The ECI Online Collaborative Platform: Supporting the ECI Community! – a European Commission pilot project to offer support and advice on the organisation of European citizens’ initiatives.
    Pioneering participation: The Reform of the ECI as a starting point for a more participatory European Union.
    ECItizen: Building synergies between the four recent ECIs addressing EU citizenship in order to contribute to expanding the debate on EU citizenship.

ECI DAY 2018 
Tuesday, 10 April 2018
at the European Economic and Social Committee premises
99 Rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels

The ECI Day is an important meeting place and platform where registered and future ECI organisers and stakeholders can exchange information and experiences and present their ECI and activities to the public. For the meeting agenda and further information, please visit the website.