7. 5. 2018 Obvestila, Vabila

Support UBIE youth in Strasbourg!


Unconditional Basic Income Europe has put together a great delegation to the European Parliament’s European Youth Event this June in Strasbourg. 20 people from 10 different countries are ready to carry our vision to MEPs and 5000 other delegates from all over Europe. They will also participate in a roundtable discussion ‘Basic Income: the Return of Robin Hood?’

Find out more about who’s going and what they want to do by clicking here. You can also participate by sharing your ideas about basic income here.

They need your support – if you can, please give generously here, or you can boost their chances by participating in their Thunderclap on Facebook and Twitter by 10 May!

Yours unconditionally,

The Board of Unconditional Basic Income Europe:
Harald Enoksson, Dániel Fehér, Hilde Latour, Leire Rincón & Ulrich Schachtschneider