28. 6. 2018 Obvestila, Vabila

The 11th International Basic Income Week


The 11th International Basic Income Week is happening in September and we want you to be part of it!

From 17th – 23th September 2018 unconditional basic income supporters around the world celebrate the 11th International Basic Income Week with local events and gatherings.


You can be part of this global week with your local and regional events to spread the word about basic income.

To show how globally relevant basic income is, we collate all events and reports on this website: www.basicincomeweek.org
http://basicincomeweek.org/cal endar/

If you are already planning an event, please log it into our calendar http://basicincomeweek.org/con tact-form/

You can also post it on twitter

https://twitter.com/basicincom eweek with the hashtag #basicincomeweek11

or tell us about it on facebook

https://www.facebook.com/Basic IncomeWeek/

Are you using different social media? Please tell us about it and we will include it in our online publications.

If you would like to host an event, but are not sure what to do yet, have a look at last year’s calendar for ideas or contact us. We can also link you up with organisers in other countries to share ideas, material or for joint events. And if you can’t think of anything else – be sure to participate in the global banner event on 18th Sep!

Find attached the English language call for participation which you can use and share as you please. There is a short version for your internal networks and a longer version which includes our definition of unconditional basic income for people new to the idea.

Would you like a version in your language or with your local links, addresses and information? Let us know.

SAVE THE DATE and get creative: On the 2nd day of Basic Income Week, Tuesday, 18th Sep 2018 there will be a global banner event for everyone to get involved in. More information on www.basicincomeweek.org.

Enjoy 11th International Basic Income Week and thank you for your contribution to something we can all count on!