27. 9. 2018 Vabila

ECI Weekend


23-25 November 2018, Budapest

From Friday 23th to Sunday 25th November we will meet in Budapest to discuss the feasibility of a new European Citizenship Initiative (ECI), agree upon a subject text and plan first steps of an ECI campaign.

There are different proposals for the subject of a new ECI which we discussed before and at our Göteborg meeting in spring 2018. Due to scarce time resources we decided to held up a longer meeting to discuss more deeply the various approaches and different proposals for the subject of this ECI with the goal to find a consensus.

This meeting, hosted by the First Hungarian Unconditional Basic Income Association (FNA Egyesület), will start on Friday, 23rd November, at 6pm.

On Friday, 9am-4pm, we will organise a public conference (Basic Income in the 2019 European Elections) in cooperation with the Progressive Hungary Foundation (Megújuló Magyarországért Alapítvány).

If you have any questions concerning this event, please write to budapest2018@ubie.org.

Kind greetings on behalf of the UBIE Core Group and the organising team, Ulrich Schachtschneider


For better planning, please register here by 15 October.


Conference and workshop venue for Friday will be announced later. The venue for Saturday and Sunday is NYITOTT MŰHELY (Ráth György utca 4., 1123 Budapest, close to Déli Pályaudvar metro/train station)

Accomodation and travel:

We can book a room for you in the Mercure Budapest Buda hotel for about 80 EUR per night – but we are also looking into cheaper alternatives. For those who have less money to pay a hostel or hotel, there will be the possibility to get a private bed. Please indicate in the registration form if you want us to book the hotel room or to find a private accommodation. Travel costs can be reimbursed for UBIE members up to 150 €. If you need this support, please send your request to ulrich@ubie.org.

Spreading this invitation:

Please spread this invitation also to all possible partner organizations which are interested in driving an ECI campaign together with us.

Preparing discussion:

Here you see the hitherto proposals including some comments from UBIE members:

The Core Group suggests to structure the discussion in Budapest along these general criteria. Feel free to comment.

Proposed agenda for the ECI Meeting:

Friday 23 November, 6pm – 9pm

Criteria for a successful ECI

  • Credible policy proposal
  • Impact on UBIE strategy goals
  • Mobilising potential
  • ECI compatibility (political and legal)

Saturday 24 November, 10am – 7pm

Feasibility of the subject (10am – 1pm)

  • Discussion of ECI subject matter proposals in view of the criteria
  • Agreement on ECI subject matter

Campaign planning (3-7pm)

  • Timeframe
  • Resource needs
  • Mobilisation plan

Dinner / Social Event (8pm)

Sunday 25 November, 10am – 1pm

Campaign planning

  • Timeframe
  • Resource needs
  • Mobilisation plan