27. 12. 2019 Obvestila

UBI 2019-20 Essay Prize


Win: €1000

The UBIEXP research group and the journal Ethics, Politics & Society (EPS),  from the Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society, together with the Portuguese Basic Income association, invite submissions for the international essay prize competition on the following topic:

“What (if Anything) Can Justify Basic Income Experiments?”

  • The journal EPS welcomes essays of 7,000 words or fewer addressing this topic.
  • The essays must be written in English.
  • All submissions should be headed “Unconditional Basic Income Prize Essay Competition” (with the author’s name and address given in the e-mail, but NOT in the essay itself).
  • Submissions are blind reviewed.

Contributions may be sent as email attachments in word format to: roberto.merrill@ilch.uminho.pt
The winner of the best essay will receive €1000 and the essay will be published in the journal EPS.

Submission deadline: 15 February 2020