23. 3. 2020 Obvestila, Vabila

Emergency basic income for the EU – now!


We demand an emergency basic income in the EU – now! SIGN

From one day to the next, the list of people who lost their source of income and don’t know where to turn is endless. Hairdressers, taxi drivers, restaurant managers, music teachers, gym trainers, hotel receptionists, flight attendants, waiters, tour guides and countless others don’t know how they’re going to pay their bills.

Insecurity is everywhere and can be sensed in every conversation. How long will it last? What shall I do? How much longer will I have to pay for groceries with my savings?

That is why European leaders have to step up and say without delay: We will help! The EU has the means and the authority to do it now.

Politics are already shifting – even in seemingly unlikely places. The United States government just announced a $1000 payment for all US citizens for two months. The UK government is not excluding a similar measure. Extraordinary payments are making headlines in mainstream media. Before we know it, EU leaders will be on to this. Let’s make sure they get it right.

Since the last major crisis in 2008, the EU has pumped trillions of Euros into the failing financial sector. Now it is time to support the people.

Basic income is an unconditional monthly payment for every person, in an amount which guarantees a basic level of everyday security. The system is easy, quick to introduce and requires minimum bureaucracy.

And we know that the European institutions are working on a big rescue plan. This is the moment for us to influence what they decide and to recognise the opportunity to make a big change.

Crises can bring out the best or worst in us. Let’s go for the best. Many people are using this as an opportunity for creativity and solidarity. The EU must also do this.

The entire economic system is changing right now. Dogmas fall, narratives shift. Leaders are looking for solutions. They were very creative when they were saving the banks, and they can be creative now, in a moment when 24% of Europeans already at risk of poverty are now in danger of spiralling further. We must make sure the EU acts. Sign!

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