Ulrich Schachtschneider

17. 6. 2020 Obvestila

Suspension of UBIE’s cooperation with the ECI Coordination Team

It is with grave concern that we have to inform you on recent developments in the preparation of the ECI Campaign “Start Unconditional Basic Incomes Throughout Europe”. We, as UBIE Core Group have made it, right from the beginning of our mandate, a priority to successfully prepare and organise...
26. 6. 2019 Obvestila

UBIE Core Group Working Programme 2019-21

At the General Assembly in Berlin on March 23 this year, you elected a new Core Group for a mandate of 24 months. The new Core Group met May 17-19 in Brussels for a retreat to discuss a working programme for the coming two years. In this mail, we...
27. 2. 2018 Vabila

Vabilo na generalno skupščino UTD Evrope

Invitation to the UBIE General Assembly in Göteborg, 25 March 2018 Dear UBIE members, You have already received our invitation to the next UBIE network meeting on 23-25 March, 2018 in Göteborg, Sweden. We would now also like to officially invite you to participate in the General Assembly on...