12. 8. 2020 Posnetki

Nina Šoštarič: How to compensate for social and environmental reproduction?

Two dilemmas, one common solution – Presentation in the context of the debate on solidarity economy and alternative economy at the conference “UBI and Degrowth” in Hamburg, 20th May 2016 in the Catholic Academy of Hamburg.  
26. 6. 2019 Obvestila

UBIE Core Group Working Programme 2019-21

At the General Assembly in Berlin on March 23 this year, you elected a new Core Group for a mandate of 24 months. The new Core Group met May 17-19 in Brussels for a retreat to discuss a working programme for the coming two years. In this mail, we...
11. 3. 2019 Mnenja, Publikacije

European Green Perspectives on Basic Income

Studies and Research This publication brings together experts on basic income from across Europe with a collection of articles exploring different aspects of the Universal Basic Income debate. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the Green European Foundation transnational project Basic Income for all EU Citizens? focused on basic income and investigated the proposal’s...